We offer our customers holistic, and above all vendor-independent, collaboration-, communication- and contact-center strategy consulting for ICT projects. In addition to comprehensive consulting, we accompany our customers with a focus on multi-vendor interoperability, integration, transformation and adoption in their respective, individual environments.

We take on projects of all degrees of complexity as well as of all sizes and are ready to step in at any stage of the project to provide consulting and professional services.
In global multi-vendor projects with over 100,000 workstations, we offer referenceable experience for successful transformations.

GLUCH Communications stands for ahead of change.

In our in-house research and development laboratories, we analyse new technologies at an early stage – independently or in cooperation with a number of manufacturers. Together with our experience from countless national and global projects, this allows us to constantly stay ahead of change.

For our clients, this means:

  • Maximum efficiency
  • Future proof
  • Speed through productivity gains compared to respective competitors
  • Maximum savings as return of invest equals multiple times the consulting costs!

Since 1987, we have been transforming the communication of companies worldwide in a holistic and manufacturer-independent way with a focus on messaging, meeting (including video conferencing systems) and, above all, complex calling (= telephony) environments including peripherals such as contact centres and much more:

  • In the context of the entire IT enterprise architecture, as well as integrated in enterprise groupware (email/calendar) and enterprise content management.
  • OnPremise, hybrid, cloud with all manufacturers and cloud collaboration platforms relevant for the professional corporate environment.
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More than 5 million collaboration workplaces and workspaces consulted

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More than 10 global projects with more than 100.000 workplaces each

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More than 100 projects covering IP telephony, UC and Collaboration

Collaboration strategy consulting, workplace and workspace transformation and adoption - holistic and independent.

Digital transformation as a family tradition in third generation: from electrical engineering to telecommunications and information technology to artificial intelligence. Founded in 1976. Since 1987 until today, our focus has been on information technology and telecommunications (ICT/ICT).

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Case study – Strategy consulting and Return of Invest 

Workplaces: 80.000
Transformation timeframe: 7 years

Strategy consulting over a 6 months period including Collaboration Architecture Blueprint, Transformation planning and architecture correlated Business Case, as well as Total Cost of Ownership calculation.   

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Potential savings between the worst and best transformation path over the period of transformation.

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Factor of return on investment on costs asscoiated with our consulting services.