Communication transformation as a family tradition in third generation: from electrical engineering to telecommunications and information technology to artificial intelligence.

Founded in 1976, the family business has always been transforming parallel to technological change.
Since 1987 until today, our focus has been on information technology and telecommunications (ICT/ICT).

Our core areas are messaging, meeting, calling and contact-center in the context of the complete enterprise IT architecture. Our expertise lies with multi-vendor interoperability, integration, transformation and adoption. We accompany our clients through their collaboration-, communication-, and contact-center projects and cover the following areas, among others:

  • holistic and, above all, vendor-independent strategy consulting
  • Collaboration Architecture Blueprints
  • Contact-Center Architecture Blueprints
  • workplace and workspace transformation planning
  • business case and total cost of ownership calculation
  • vendor recommendations and sourcing
  • research and market analysis
  • auditing

Daniel Gluch
Managing Director and Lead Principal

  • Dipl.-Ing. Electrical Engineering / Computer Engineering / Digital Communication Technology
  • Communications electronics technician, specialising in telecommunications

Daniel Gluch has been working in the field of voice and video communication, unified communications and collaboration since 1987. Due to his career in research and development as well as in the areas of sales and service with leading manufacturers such as Cisco, Telenorma/Bosch Telekom/Tenovis/Avaya, Ascom, Daniel Gluch has long-standing, good relationships and contacts with all of today’s relevant manufacturers in the collaboration environment such as Cisco, Webex, Microsoft, Zoom, RingCentral, Google, Avaya, Mitel, etc. and contact-center manufacturers such as Genesys, Nice, Five9, Amazon, Zoom, Audiocodes, etc.

Daniel Gluch is referenced as one of the world’s most experienced collaboration architects for multinational companies with over 100,000 workplaces each, predominantly for highly complex telephony and integrated meeting/video conferencing platforms. As a former call control developer, his switching technology expertise makes all the difference, especially for highly complex multi-vendor integrations, co-existence solutions and transformations in the telephony and contact-center environment.

5 million collaboration workplaces implemented, predominantly in complex global calling/telephony environments as well as integrated meeting and video conferencing environments

As Managing Director and Lead Principal of GLUCH Communications, Daniel Gluch personally conducts the analysis and strategy consulting. All collaboration architecture blueprints, contact-center architecture blueprints and transformation plans in global and highly complex projects are designed by Daniel Gluch himself.
In our own R&D labs, we develop market analyses and comparative studies, support our clients in tenders and conduct audits of manufacturers, service providers and integrators.

The name Daniel Gluch stands for global experience and references in the ICT industry since 1987.

Excerpt of project experience in global enterprise projects – references available on request:

  • Lead architect for IP telephony and telepresence (electronic retail):
    120,000 workstations/users in Europe.
  • Lead architect for IPT (pharmaceutical and life science):
    150,000 workstations/users worldwide
  • Lead architect for first global high-level concept, design and initial implementation (multinational car manufacturer):
    160,000 workplaces/users
  • Lead architect for national IPT/UC/Contact-center platform (transport company):
    120,000 workplaces/users
  • Lead architect for solution engineering and POC leadership (multinational software manufacturer)
  • Lead architect and technical project management during RFP bidding phase (multinational car manufacturer)
  • Lead architect and technical project lead during global collaboration architecture transformation and integration (messaging, meeting, calling, contact-center)
  • (multinational chemical company):
    130,000 workstations/users
  • Development of complex calling coexistence solution and transformation of messaging, meeting, calling, contact-center (energy and utility service provider):
    2,500 jobs/users
  • Market Analysis, RFI, RFQ, Architecture-Correlated-Business Case for UCaaS and CCaaS (International Bank).

Case study – Strategy consulting and Return of Invest

Workplaces: 80.000
Transformation timeframe: 7 years

Strategy consulting over a 6 months period including Collaboration Architecture Blueprint, Transformation planning and architecture correlated Business Case, as well as Total Cost of Ownership calculation. 

- 0

Potential savings between the worst and best transformation path over the period of transformation.

0 x

Factor of return on investment on costs asscoiated with our consulting services.

GLUCH in third generation

B. Sc. Jannick Gluch

In 2021, Jannick Gluch completed his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science at the age of only 21. He is now working in the company whilst completing his Master’s degree in Artificial Intelligence.

With his Bachelor’s thesis “Design, Implementation and Test of a Natural Language Processing-based Meeting Planning and Scheduling Bot within a modern multi-vendor Cloud Collaboration Environment”, Jannick Gluch is paving the way for the next evolutionary stage of GLUCH. In his Master’s degree in Artificial Intelligence, he continues to work on how computers, devices and machines will interact with humans via chat and natural language, as well as change communication in business and all other areas of life.

Passionate about technology evolutions since 1961. Digital transformation of telecommunications and information technology since 1987.

As Alfred Gluch was predominantly involved with analogue technology when GLUCH Elektrotechnik was founded, Daniel Gluch began the first transformations of analogue telephone systems in the direction of ISDN in 1987. Daniel Gluch accompanied clients worldwide through all previous technology evolutions: from analogue to ISDN, to Voice Over IP and IP telephony to All-IP, Cloud Collaboration as well as Cloud Calling and eventually, directed by Jannick Gluch, to Artificial Intelligence in the collaboration environment.

Alfred Gluch - Journeyman's examination
Alfred Gluch - Master craftsman's examination
GLUCH Elektrotechnik founded by Alfred Gluch
1987 - 1991
Daniel Gluch - Communications electronics technician, specialising in telecommunications
1991 - 1994
Daniel Gluch - Studies in electrical engineering, specialising in computer engineering with a focus on "digital communication".
1994 - 1999
Dipl.-Ing. Daniel Gluch - ISDN PBX Software Development (ISDN PBX Software) Telenorma, Bosch Telecom
GLUCH Communications founded by Dipl.-Ing. Daniel Gluch: separation of the Telecommunications and Information Technology department from GLUCH Elektrotechnik
2000 - 2012
Dipl.-Ing. Daniel Gluch - Technical Solutions Architect and Global Lead Technology Advisory Group Cisco Systems
CollaboFact GmbH founded by Dipl.-Ing. Daniel Gluch as a professional services subsidiary of GLUCH Communications
2018 - 2021
Jannick Gluch - Studies in Computer Science. Bachelor of Science (B. Sc.) degree
B.Sc. Jannick Gluch - Master's programme Artificial Intelligence