GLUCH Communications stands for ahead of change. In our in-house research and development laboratories, we analyse new technologies at an early stage – independently or in cooperation with a number of manufacturers. Together with our experience from countless national and global projects, this allows us to constantly stay ahead of change.

Our research focus is on multi-vendor interoperability for messaging, meeting and calling for integration and co-existence between vendors. As part of this, we test transformations and migrations from one technology or vendor to others.

In the area of modern applications, bots and integrations, we test existing products and develop prototypes for enterprise collaboration and communication, as well as cognitive collaboration solutions.  Artificial intelligence and machine learning play an essential role for us.

Furthermore, we work with and on applications in the areas of augmented reality, mixed reality, virtual reality and holography, which can be used for messaging, meeting, calling and also in the contact center environment.

Market Analysis. Research and Development. Prototyping.

Market analysis

We analyse the market on an ongoing basis and test all relevant collaboration manufacturers, such as Webex, Microsoft, Zoom and Google. In some cases, this is already done in the early beta stage in our own laboratories in order to be able to provide our customers with a comparison early on.

Competitive studies

On request, we carry out competitive studies of various collaboration manufacturers. Our view on this is: this needs to be done in the context of the individual customer, as not every manufacturer is suitable to be used by every customer.

Multi-vendor interoperability

We work extensively and in detail with the interoperability of different manufacturers and subject these scenarios to comprehensive testing.

Multi-vendor integrations and migrations

We test applications and their integration in messaging, meeting and calling applications such as Webex, Microsoft Teams and Zoom particularly intensively. New types of bots, advanced artificial intelligence applications and integrations in enterprise content management systems such as Sharepoint are permanently tested in our own environment.

Research and prototyping with artificial intelligence and machine learning

We participate in research projects in the field of collaboration in close cooperation with universities and colleges. Especially in the areas of artificial intelligence, machine learning and cognitive collaboration, we develop prototypes for collaboration-related applications and bots, such as natural language processing or speech recognition, and voice controls.

Research in augmented reality, mixed reality, virtual reality and holography

ahead of change means having already gained extensive experience with a head start on the introduction of highly innovative, professional applications in the corporate environment. Accordingly, we engage in research on augmented reality, mixed reality, virtual reality and holography.

For us, market analysis does not mean studying manufacturer marketing material. We conduct independent tests of platforms and products in our own R&D labs and, at the very least, incorporate them into our own live operations.

Our comparative studies are based on decades of experience from research, development and global mega projects that are always “bleeding edge”. Being ahead of change is key here.

Evolution and revolution of technology

Before new technologies and products are market-ready, we study them in our labs.
Direct contacts to the top manufacturers, especially in Silicon Valley, make the difference for the clients we consult.