CCaaS & UCaaS Market Analysis Q4 – 2022

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One day prior to the start of Contact Center World, we would like to share our Contact Center related market analysis results with you. We found solutions combining CCaaS (Contact Center as a Service) and UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) can have a potential price difference of 60%. Standalone services also reflected quite substantial price differences of almost two-thirds between the lowest and highest-priced solutions.

When selecting a Contact Center service that integrates well with platforms such as Teams, Webex, Zoom, RingCentral and others, it is important to make a truly informed decision. Choosing the wrong CCaaS can lead to the worst-case scenario: additional costs on the UCaaS side. 
Customer context and architecture are essential factors that can make THE difference in a business case. Therefore, it is imperative not to follow market trends blindly but to calculate holistically, taking the customer into account. 

As GLUCH, we recommend basing strategic decisions for UCaaS and CCaaS on a thorough consideration of customer context and architecture.